Alumni Journeys

Alumni Journeys offer the opportunity to continue your pursuit of lifelong learning while remaining connected to your alma mater. Alumni Journeys are travel experiences created for colleges and universities that feature the work of both young and seasoned scholars who host cohorts of alumni as fellow travelers.

Connect with Your Alma Mater
An Extraordinarily Fun Way to Continue Your Pursuit of Lifelong Learning

Especially with the benefit of hindsight, you no doubt remember your college years as among the most formative years of your life. Just thinking about your alma mater opens a flood of fond memories. What if you could experience an extraordinarily opportunity to continue the intellectual journey you began in college without the pressure of grades and exams?

Our Alumni Journeys attract a range of scholars across a spectrum of intellectual interests and areas of study. We create highly customized travel experiences that feature the work of these scholars in ways that engage fellow travelers while deepening their relationship with their alma mater and with each other.

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