Legacy Journeys

Have you ever dreamed of tracing the steps of your ancestors that led them to where you are today? Or have you ever considered what an experience of walking in the village where your forebearers lived, or dining in a restaurant where they ate might do for your family today? Our ancestral legacy can introduce us in the present to people and places that live only in our past as a memory. A Legacy Journey with us has the potential to offer profound insight into who we are today, where we came from, and perhaps where we are headed in the future.

Exploring Your Family’s Heritage
Experience Your Legacy through Travel

Are you a parent, grand-parent, or even a great-grandparent who would like to explore the legacy bequeathed to your family by your ancestors?

Perhaps you have been engaged in the genealogical research of your family legacy for years. You may have just received the results of that DNA sample you sent because you were curious about the origins of your family. Whether you are a seasoned researcher of your family legacy or your curiosity has just recently been piqued, a legacy journey can empower the experience of your ancestral legacy through travel in ways that have the power to offer profound insight.

For some fellow travelers on a legacy journey the purpose of their travel centers on walking in the footsteps of their ancestors. That can mean eating in a restaurant where an ancestor dined generations ago, visiting their neighborhood and exploring the culture of their village. For some fellow travelers a legacy journey might include a visit to an archive office to research death and birth certificates, marriage licenses or other official documents. Get in touch with us. We can help you explore your legacy through travel.

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