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“This journey exceeded my expectations. The journey was more than sightseeing of castles, churches and museums. Thanks to Mike Malone and his excellent knowledge of Martin Luther and sixteenth century Germany, I actually changed my thinking. I came away with a new and clearer perspective--a whole new paradigm.”
— Steven H.
I was so excited about the September trip to Switzerland and the opportunity to see the Oberammergau Passion Play with you and fellow travelers in Germany! When I learned this trip was postponed due to the global COVID -19 pandemic, I was disappointed, concerned about losing invested money, uncertain about the future, and worried about life itself.

I appreciated your regular email communications of efforts to resolve many of these issues and welcomed the opportunity to gather with you and my fellow travelers for a series of small person to person and/or virtual meetings in July. When you described your personal financial and emotional reactions to the postponement, I learned I was not alone in my disappointment, sadness, and frustration.

Your proposed solutions addressed all of my concerns and most importantly communicated to me and fellow travelers that you truly care about the people who choose to travel with you. Such commitment to address the needs of the customer is rare in the business world! The way you sorted through all the original information about accommodations, flight arrangements, activities and events and were able to offer us your wonderful proposed solutions baffles me. I don’t know how you did it, but you miraculously converted a hopeless situation into a hopeful, exciting one.

You are to be admired and respected.

— Judy S.
“The most meaningful experience for me on this journey were conversations with Mike Malone with PLENTY of opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants around all of the concepts and circumstances we were thinking about as fellow travelers. From the brewery tour to the Veste Coburg, from Luther's early ideas to his partnership with Philip Melanchthon, from Buchenwald to Goethe's garden house-this journey has been an education with a whole lot of fun and good cheer.
— Margaret W.

“The trip to Buchenwald was particularly impactful for me as I thought about the incredible disparity between the triumph of the human spirit and the pit of human depravity; both palpable in my experience of Weimar.”

— Steven H

“I was surprised by how little I knew even though I assumed I was knowledgeable about the Reformation. The journey deepened my faith and confidence in sharing my faith with others.”

–Robert S.

“I enjoyed staying in one location for the duration of the journey and riding in a comfortable coach for our daily excursions. I especially enjoyed how the journey was organized and balanced.”

–James P.
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