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We offer purposeful journeys steeped in history, religious ideas, culture and cuisine.

Balanced Travel Experience
Rich Cultural Encounters
Cuisine, Culture, Conversation
Beautiful Base Location
Meticulously planned; yet flexible
Featured Travel Opportunities
Faith Travel Conferences
focused on the benefits of faith travel

Join us at one of our Faith Travel Conferences where we explore how the power of faith travel can empower congregations to grow numerically and spiritually. These continuing education events offer a fun, worthwhile experience. You may even attend this conference at virtually no cost.

Reflections from Epiphany
featuring reflections on the Christ event

Join Pastor Rich Elseroad on this journey created to reflect on his more than four decades of parish ministry including three decades as pastor to the people of God at Grace Lutheran Church. The season of Ephiphany with will provide the context for this joyous journey to the Holy Land.

Sights of Faith
featuring sights central to the life, ministry, miracles, death, and resurrection of Jesus

Join us for a fascinating experience of historical sights, theological contexts, and biblical background in the Holy Land balanced with spectacular accommodations, excellent food, wine tasting, shopping experiences, culture, and history.

Ways to Travel with Us

Our upcoming travel opportunities are just a sampling of the journeys we have in store for you. Our experienced team is continually dreaming up new journeys based on our signature themes. We also assist travelers with planning their dream journeys.

Gather a Cohort

Do you have a group of congregation members, donors, patrons, clients, family members, friends, or other group of people in mind who may consider joining you on a well-crafted travel experience? Consider becoming a host. We will support you as host of your highly customized journey from helping you gather a cohort, to wheels up, every step along your journey, and even after you return home.

Share Your Dream

Ever dreamed of a travel experience you would like to share and experience with others? A purposeful journey can lead you to shared experiences that are fun, fascinating, and deeply profound; even transformative and life changing. Share your dream with us and we can help make your dream of a purposeful journey come true.

The Philosophy of Purposeful Journeys

Our mission is to create exceptional educational and cultural travel experiences that encourage, empower, and enlighten people in their quest for lifelong learning. We fulfill our mission by offering purposeful journeys steeped in history, religious ideas, culture, and cuisine. We invite you to explore our philosophy that will guide us as we form and shape your journey.

What People Say

“The trip to Buchenwald was particularly impactful for me as I thought about the incredible disparity between the triumph of the human spirit and the pit of human depravity; both palpable in my experience of Weimar.”

— Steven H.

“I was surprised by how little I knew even though I assumed I was knowledgeable about the Reformation. The journey deepened my faith and confidence in sharing my faith with others.”

–Robert S.

“I enjoyed staying in one location for the duration of the journey and riding in a comfortable coach for our daily excursions. I especially enjoyed how the journey was organized and balanced.”

–James P.

View our photo gallery of past journeys, watch video testimonials, and read more of what people say about Purposeful Journeys.

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