Be a Host

Benefits of Hosting

Do you have in mind a group of congregation members, donors, patrons, clients, family members, friends, or other group of people who may consider joining you on a well-crafted travel experience? Consider becoming a host. We will support you as host of your highly customized journey from helping you gather a cohort, to wheels up, every step along your purposeful journey, and even after you return home.

There are many benefits to hosting a journey. We invite you to share your interest in serving as a host or sponsor of a purposeful journey with us by completing our very brief survey. In the meantime, consider these benefits of hosting a journey until we have a conversation about the way and your cohort of fellow travelers will benefit with you as the host of a purposeful journey.

Strengthen Relationships

A purposeful journey has the power to strengthen relationships among the fellow travelers in your cohort. The strength in the relationships among those in your group offers the potential to contribute exponentially to the mission of your organization back home.

Deepen Connections

We will endeavor to support you as a journey host in a way that will empower you to deepen connections between you and those you serve. Those deepened connections offer the possibility of making both you and your organization stronger at home.

Cultivate Leadership

All vital and vibrant organizations intentionally cultivate leadership. A purposeful journey offers you as a journey host as well as the fellow travelers in your cohort the opportunity to cultivate leadership to the benefit of your organization back home.

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