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Every story has an author. The best stories engage, entertain, and inspire us.

Our story begins with our founder, Mike Malone, sharing his passion, his scholarship, and his joy of travel by leading groups on trips to Germany. In 2017, the complexity of administering multiple trips to Germany as a volunteer led Mike to recognize his need to formalize his passion by founding a company he named Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC or MCE for short.

You can no doubt empathize with the feeling that comes with potentially losing years of hard work and financial investment. Our story also includes an inspiring truth offered by Rainer Maria Rilke–No feeling is final. In the face of COVID-19, MCE committed to keep going; we are deeply satisfied to say we have ensured none of our fellow traveler will lose a single dollar of value invested in a journey with us. Through solutions that included refunds for some and looking forward to witnessing the Passion Play in 2022 as fellow travelers for others, MCE is positioned to emerge even stronger than before the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to learn more about how our story continues in ways sure to engage, entertain, and inspire you.

Learn how we can create a travel experience that engages, entertains and inspires you.

“Lass dir Alles geschehn: Schönheit und Schrecken. Man muss nur gehn: Kein Gefühl ist das fernste.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

“Let everything happen to you: Beauty and terror Just keep going No feeling is final.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke
Our philosophy empowers our creation of purposeful travel experiences that tell a story for you and your cohort.

Our philosophy develops out of our story in ways sure to engage, entertain, and inspire you. We believe that a meticulously planned itinerary with an appropriate level of built-in flexibility can provide the nuance that distinguishes a trip from a journey. The journey we create for you will tell a story.

For many fellow travelers, embarking on a journey by MCE becomes a purposeful journey shared as an intellectual exploration of past human events and actions that nurtures a personal examination of who we are today in light of our distant past. For other fellow travelers, a journey by MCE becomes a spiritual or religious journey through church history that fosters a deeper understanding of their confession of faith. For still others, the purpose of a journey by MCE becomes most vivid through rich conversation in a delectable context of culture and cuisine.

Whatever your purpose in traveling on a journey by MCE, we warmly invite you to learn more about the philosophy which develops out of our story. Our philosophy empowers us to create rich travel experiences that are shaped as narratives. We would love to create a travel experience that tells a story for you and your cohort of fellow travelers. The journey we create for you will tell a story that is formed and shaped by our philosophy that develops out of our story which continues to hone, refine, and includes highlights of our philosophy summarized as:

  • Balanced Travel Experience
  • Rich Cultural Encounters
  • Cuisine, Culture, Conversation
  • Beautiful Base Location
  • Meticulously Planned; yet Flexible
  • Travel Experience as a Narrative

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