Herzland Reisen

Ask a German if they have ever come to the United States, and far more likely than not, if their answer is yes, they will tell you they have been to New York, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas. Herzland Reisen, Heartland Journeys, offer Germans the opportunity to see the heartland of America as an authentic American cultural experience.

An Authentic American Experience
See the Heartland of America as a Truly Unique Cultural Journey

Research consistently finds that Germans will visit the United States up to four times before penetrating either the east or west coast. Very few Germans will come to Chicago, much less St. Louis or southeast Missouri. If you are German, know a German, does this describe your experience, or have you ever been to the United States?

Get in touch with us and share your dream of a journey to the United States. We will offer you and your group of fellow travelers a highly customized travel experience created to enrich your life, expand your cultural horizons, and make memories to last a lifetime.

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