Confessional Journeys

While we consider all of our group travel experiences to be purposeful journeys, the purposes for travel by groups of fellow travelers share themes common enough to categorize. We create Confessional Journeys as a category of purposeful journeys for congregations, parishes and ministries who desire a travel experience with the purpose of deepening the religious confession of individuals and cohorts of fellow travelers for the benefit of others.

The Power of Faith Travel
How can group travel benefit a ministry as an effective faith travel experience?

Travel can be enlivening, life changing, and eye opening through exposure to new perspectives, peoples, and cultures. We are direct witnesses to the power of faith travel.

The power of faith travel as a Confessional Journey can benefit a congregation or ministry in many ways and on many levels. Factors such as your destination, whether domestic or international, your dates of travel, and the composition of your cohort of fellow travelers are just some of the influences that contribute to an effective faith travel experience. The key to an effective faith travel experience centers on the purpose for a journey.

Once fellow travelers embark on a purposeful journey, the factors and influences that coalesce to create an effective faith travel experience may be too numerous or too subjective to recount through any formulaic analysis. Shared sightseeing experiences, for instance, lead people into personal encounters with history, religious ideas, and culture.

We can be a great resource to you from the beginning of your planning through the legacy phase of your journey. We will be with you every step along the way.

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