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Annual Temperatures

In Europe, not every store and gift shop will accept credit cards while other stores that do accept credit cards may not accept yours. Carrying local currency is always important. You can check local currency rates here or plan your budget by clicking here


Exchange Rate USD: Thu, 20 Jun.

Planning your journey likely means you have a number of questions. You can access our frequently asked questions here or click the button to ask a question you do not find in our FAQ. If you have a question, please you’re your question just may help others plan their journey.

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Relive Your Purposeful Journey

Sometime after we return home, we will create a video that captures many of the memoire we shared on our purposeful journey together.

Share your memories

Even after we return home our memories will continue to live on and event will continue to unfold in our lives. As you reflect on your memories of our journey together, we invite you to share your memories. You are also welcome to share any news from your life here as well. Please share by clicking the link below:

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