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Please provide your passport and flight preferences. If you have a question, please get in touch.

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Flight Preferences and Passport Info

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Please enter the precise details in the spaces below. Where information related to your passport is requested, such as your name, please enter that information EXACTLY as that information appears on your passport.
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Please provide your Known Traveler Number (TSA Pre-check or Glabal Entry) as well as your frequent flyer number along with the airline associated with your frequent flyer number.
All flights are booked in economy class. While there are no guarantees that upgrades will be available, please indicate your desire for a paid upgrade. Prices and availabilty will vary widely if upgrades are available. An upgrade to an improved economy seat may cost as little as $50. An upgrade to business class may cost a few thousand dollars. If you communicate your preference for an upgrade, we will check with the airline and provide you a quote. Also, please indicate if you have a seat preference.
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