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We are a group travel provider who creates highly customized, purposeful travel experiences shaped as narratives. For some of our fellow travelers, a journey tends to be an intellectual exploration of past human events and actions that nurtures a personal examination of who we are today in light of our past. For others, the purpose of travel may be a deeper understanding of an ancestral legacy or religious confession. For still others, a journey becomes most vivid through rich conversation in a delectable context of culture and cuisine. Whatever you may anticipate you will find most stimulating in your own experience of history, religious ideas, culture and cuisine, we encourage you to explore a travel experience we hope will become your purposeful, personal and memorable journey with us.

Find the category of your purposeful journey below and let’s start dreaming of a journey together.

Purposeful Journeys

All of our travel experiences are created around a purpose. Our purposeful journeys are travel experiences shaped as narratives around one or more themes of history, religious ideas, culture, and cuisine

Legacy Journeys

For cohorts of extended, multigenerational families seeking to better understand and connect with the legacy of their ancestral roots, we offer legacy journey.

Confessional Journeys

We offer Confessional Journeys for congregations, parishes and ministries who desire a travel experience with a purpose of deepening the religious confession of individuals and cohorts through encounters with religious sights.

Alumni Journeys

For fellow travelers who desire to pursue life-long learning as part of an experience with their alma mater, an Alumni Journey promises a rich intellectual travel experience crafted around one or more themes of history, religious ideas, culture, and cuisine.

Herzland Reisen

Herzland Reisen, Heartland Journeys, offer Germans the opportunity to experience the heartland of America through journeys designed with a purpose of offering an authentic American experience.

Be a Host

We are direct witnesses to the power of travel to grow and deepen commitments to organizations. We warmly invite you to explore the opportunity of serving as a journey host. We offer many resources for leaders committed to or considering becoming a journey host. We will work with you every step of the way.

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