Alpen Delights

September 16, 2024 - September 25, 2024
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Journey Overview

We have created a wonderful journey through history, culture, and cuisine in Switzerland and Germany.

You will no doubt savor your delectable tastes of Swiss chocolate and cheese, even as you anticipate the bucket list experience of Oktoberfest in Munich. Encounters with centuries of history and culture, as well as the majestic peaks of the Alps, are sure to inspire you.

Your Host for the Journey

Your current host for Alpen Delights and Perspectives is Purposeful Journeys by MCE Founder and CEO, Mike Malone. While Mike would be very happy to host this journey, this and most other journeys are open to prospective, interested hosts.

There are many benefits to serving as a journey host for your cohort of fellow travelers. We will do everything we can to empower you to serve as host for your cohort of fellow travelers at the level you choose. You may want to engage the experience at a more social level while relying on the expertise of in-country tour directors and guides. You may want to become more engaged intellectually or spiritually by teaching, leading devotions, or offering your expertise through one or more talks or conversation sessions. Whatever your interest in your level of engagement as a journey host, we will do all we can to support you so that yours becomes a journey of a lifetime.

Become a Host for this Journey

If you are interested in hosting this journey or would like to consider hosting a journey customized just for you and your group, click the button below to learn what it means to Become a Host. We also invite your inquiry. If you want to learn more about hosting this or another journey, please get in touch. We would love to share the benefits of what hosting a journey could mean for you and your cohort of fellow travelers.

Day 1 – Wheels up!
Monday September 16, 2024

Alpen Delights and Perspectives fellow travelers depart for an overnight flight to Switzerland.


Day 2 – Switzerland, Herzlich Willkommen!
Tuesday September 17, 2024

Following our arrival, there will be time to settle into our rooms of our beautiful hotel, rest. You may even have time for a stroll around the beautiful city of Geneva. We will gather in the evening for a spectacular welcome dinner. D


Day 3 – Spectacular Lake Geneva
Wednesday September 18, 2024

Today, we will enjoy a boat cruise on beautiful Lake Geneva followed by time to explore, to shop, or to rest. B, D


Day 4 – Yummo! A Chocolate and Cheese Adventure!
Thursday September 19, 2024

We will travel to Gruyère, Switzerland and then to Broc, Switzerland for a culinary sightseeing tour featuring Gruyère and Swiss Chocolate. B,D


Day 5- A Beautiful Day in the Alps
Friday September 20, 2024

We will travel to the Jungfrau Region where we will ascend to an altitude of 11,330 feet and the Top of Europe. We will enjoy 360° panoramic views, an ice palace, Lindt Chocolate Heaven, and you can even try to win a fine Swiss watch by hitting a hole in one from the top of a mountain. This will surely be a beautiful day in the Alps. B, D


Day 6 – Off to Germany
Saturday September 21, 2024

We say Auf Wiedersehen to Switzerland today, but any feelings of sadness are sure to be swept away by the sights on our way to Munich. We will be sure to stop for some pictures at the very famous Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castles.B,D

Day 7 – Munich, Herzlich Willkommen!
Sunday September 22, 2024

Following breakfast at our wonderful hotel, we will meet with our knowledgeable tour guide for a walking tour of Munich.  There will be plenty of time to explore more or rest before our delicious dinner. B, D

Day 8 – Oktoberfest, Prost!
Monday September 23, 2024

For many, the world-famous celebration of Oktoberfest in Munich is on their bucket list. We will attend Oktoberfest a bit earlier in the day before more raucous revelers arrive later in the evening. Although most of us will return to the hotel, you will be welcome to stay or revisit Oktoberfest. Prost! B,D

Day 9 – A Wonderful Day in Munich
Tuesday September 24, 2024

Today, fellow travelers will have the opportunity to tour the fascinating City of Munich at their leisure with opportunities to make stops at famous places such as the Alte Pinackothek, Nymphenburg Palace, the Frauenkirche, St. Michael’s Kirche, and the Marianplatz. B,D

Day 10 The Formal End to Our Journey Together
Wednesday September25, 2024

The memories will indeed last a lifetime. We hope your conversation, and therefore your journey, will continue with your new friends. Our journey concludes, formally, with the departure of our flight home.

B = Breakfast included L = Lunch included D = Dinner included


As much talent and energy as we invest in creating our purposeful journeys, in the end, we trust as much as we hope fellow travelers will find their own purpose in the travel experiences we create. Alpen Delights and Perspectives, includes a wonderful bucket list experience:  Oktoberfest in Munich. This world renowned event is intended to be a highlight of this journey and to be remembered for a lifetime. This experience, however, promises to be just one spectacular highlight around which there will be several others. The purpose of this journey will be to immerse you in experiences of Switzerland and Germany in the hope of stimulating thoughts of living life to the fullest in our own culture.

Our Philosophy

We hope you will measure the quality of your journey, not by the quantity of sights you see, but by the invaluable experiences you absorb.

Balance of stimulating experience, serious reflection… …and just plain fun.

One word describes our intention for your journey: balance. We believe each place we visit should relate to whole story, the arc of a narrative. We believe in creating journeys formed and shaped as narratives; journeys that are serious, purposeful, and fulfilling with time to reflect with fellow travelers or alone while providing opportunity for experiences that are just plain fun.

Expert interaction and rich personal encounters

Rather than a trip led by a tour guide trained to disseminate information from a script, we endeavor to seek experts to lead you on a journey who are available as a resource for as much depth as you desire or to leave you to your own reflection.

One beautiful base location

Too often, group travel can leave you feeling like you are part of a herd of a large group of strangers hustled from sight to sight, packing and unpacking everyday of your trip. With us you will stay in one beautiful base location that serves as a base for our excursions. Changing hotels as few times as possible during a journey allows greater opportunity to experience people and culture.

Meticulously planned; yet flexible journey

How does a trip become a journey? Carefully selected excursions that form a narrative, staying in one beautiful base location, with time and flexibility for reflection, and activities that are just plain fun.

Cuisine as a delectable complement to culture and conversation

Cuisine, and the wonderful dining experiences we share in an eclectic array of venues, provide a delectable complement to your rich encounters with the culture and the delightful conversation you enjoy with fellow travelers.


All journeys require the same basic arrangements in the operation of a journey. The specific format of this section will need to be determined. The concept here will be to create a page as a template that will apply, with changes of course, that includes the arrangements under headings such as:

Flight Information

As a fellow traveler, you will have the flexibility to choose how you will join your cohort to formally begin your journey. Purposeful Journeys marks the formal beginning of your journey with the welcome reception and dinner at our destination hotel. On most journeys, you will have three options to join your cohort. Below are the options for joining your cohort with the primary advantage for each option:

  1. Join Your Cohort on Our Group Flight: On most journeys, Purposeful Journeys will arrange a group flight from a major airport in closest proximity and convenience for the majority of the cohort. The group flight will include a transfer from the destination airport to the hotel.
    Advantage: This is often the most cost effective and certainly the most convenient option.
  2. Meet Your Cohort at the Destination Airport: For a number of reasons, you may want to choose a flight other than the group flight and still meet your cohort in time to transfer from the destination airport to the hotel. Fellow travelers who choose this option will incur an additional cost for the transfer from the destination airport to the destination hotel.
    Advantage: Fellow travelers may find a balance between the convenience of choosing their own flight from an origination airport other than the airport where the group flight will depart while still taking advantage of the group transfer to the destination hotel.
  3. Meet Your Cohort at the Destination Hotel: As a fellow traveler, you may want to choose to meet your cohort at the destination hotel in time for the formal beginning of your journey with the welcome reception and dinner.
    Advantage: This option offers fellow travelers the most flexibility. Fellow travelers will need to weigh the flexibility of this option with what will likely be additional costs.

Group flights will usually be announced between 90 and 180 days prior to departure of your purposeful journey. Fellow travelers will be kindly requested to choose the option for meeting their cohort to formally begin their journey soon after group flight arrangements are announced.

Ground Transportation

Transfers to and from the arrival flight into and departing flight from Europe will be provided for those arriving on the group flight. Other ground transportation will be provided throughout the journey.

Hotel Accommodations

Arrangements have been made for fellow travelers at the following hotels: The Hotel Astoria in Zurich and the Hotel Hilton Park in Munich.


Most meals are included in this purposeful journey. Dining in Europe tends to be as much of a leisurely event as a means of taking sustenance. Meals provide time for us to relax, taken in the culture, and discuss all that we have seen and experienced as fellow travelers that day. See the current, tentative itinerary for details.

Sightseeing and Events

This purposeful journey includes visits to a variety of sights as well as the Munich Oktoberfest.

Land Only Cost—$2,950  (Originally $4,750)

Your journey includes:
  • Taxes and airline surcharges
  • Deluxe coach transportation throughout your itinerary
  • Double occupancy hotel room ($750 single supplement)
  • Meals as specified in the final itinerary
  • Admission fees as specified in the final itinerary
  • Only goods, services, or activities as explicitly included in the General Terms and Conditions.
Your journey does not include:
  • Round trip airfare
  • Gratuities for service staff, coach driver(s) and guides
  • Alcoholic beverages, bottled water, after dinner drinks
  • Travel insurance
  • Any goods, services, or activities expressly excluded in the General Terms and Conditions.
Remittance Schedule:
  • Deposit of $150 is due with your application.
  • You may cancel any time until your first payment is due.
  • Your deposit is fully refundable until your first payment is due.
  • Your first payment will be due in January 2024.
  • Payments due as specified in your remittance schedule.
  • Final payment must be received no later than the date specified on your invoice and remittance schedule.
When approved as a fellow traveler…

…you will receive an invoice and a remittance schedule from Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC along with a link to a password protected page on our website that will offer details and updates about your journey.

General Terms and Conditions

Purposeful Journeys by Malone Clan Expeditions, LLC will administer your journey. You must accept the General Terms and Conditions at the time you submit your application. Please refer to the General Terms and Conditions for any applicable additional fees that may apply in certain situations and circumstances such as any deviation from the group flight itinerary or your requirement of a single room.

We cordially invite you to apply to join us as a fellow traveler

Please complete the application form. You will be prompted to submit a payment deposit of $150 (regularly $300) with your application once your form is complete with all required fields. We are delighted you are taking the step of submitting your application to become a member of a journey with us. We look forward to notifying you of your acceptance as a fellow traveler.

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