Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of Purposeful Journeys

From the beautiful base location we choose, to the synthesis of an itinerary created to tell a story, to cuisine chosen to complement your experience of culture and stimulate your conversation; in every detail, our philosophy guides us as we create your journey.

We believe travel adds a kind of richness and texture to the story of our lives that is meant to be shared; especially when we travel with a purpose. We developed our philosophy out of our own story. We warmly invite you to explore the philosophy that will inform our creation of your journey and the story, our story, that informs the creation of our purposeful journeys.

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Balanced Travel Experience

One word that describes our intent for your journey: “Balance”. We believe each place we visit should relate to a whole story that forms the arc of a narrative. Our journeys plan for significant downtime to reflect with your host, with fellow travelers, or time to reflect alone. While your journey will no doubt be purposeful and fulfilling, we also recognize your need for just plain fun.

Rich Cultural Encounters

We recognize we take a different, purposeful approach to travel. We believe changing hotels every night or two, constantly packing and unpacking, rushed meals of mediocre food, and cramming as many sights as possible into an itinerary as part of an exhausting trip all may add up to a trip measured by the quantity of sights a tourist sees. We create travel experiences intended to immerse, to experience, and to enjoy rich cultural encounters.

Cuisine, Culture, Conversation

Cuisine, and the wonderful dining experiences we share, provide a delectable complement to your rich encounters with the culture and the delightful conversation you will enjoy with fellow travelers. Especially in Europe, a dining experience becomes an event to be enjoyed and savored at a comfortable, leisurely pace in a way that provides the natural opportunity for rich conversation. Dining experiences are carefully selected to expose you to a variety of authentic dishes of a very high quality served in settings that range from interesting and eclectic to the beautiful and spectacular.

Beautiful Base Location

Staying in one location for the duration of a journey would be ideal, but changing hotels as few times as possible offers a greater potential for experiencing a people and their culture in more meaningful ways as a reflection of a purposeful journey with the potential to deepen your perspective and enrich your life. We you return home we hope you will measure the quality of your journey, not by the quantity of sights you see, but by the invaluable experiences you absorb.

Meticulously planned; yet flexible

How does a trip become a journey? Carefully selected excursions that form a narrative, staying in one beautiful location, and a balance of sightseeing excursions, time for reflection and activities that are just plain fun are all significant factors in transforming trips into journeys. Flexibility can also contribute significantly to fulfilling the purpose of your journey. We also recognize flexibility cannot be absolute. Too much flexibility can produce confusion and frustration even for a small cohort. A meticulously planned expedition with an appropriate level of built-in flexibility can provide the nuance that distinguishes a trip from a journey.

Travel that Tells a Story

You may mark the formal beginning of your journey when your flight actually goes wheels up. Upon reflection, you may realize that preparing for your journey with fellow travelers was, in fact, part of the journey. On your purposeful journey, you will be part of a cohort of fellow travelers to which you will, no doubt, contribute and gain much. Your travel experience will be created to tell a story that is meant to be shared long after you return home.

Ways to Travel with Us

Our upcoming travel opportunities are just a sampling of the journeys we have in store for you. Our experienced team is continually dreaming up new journeys based on our signature themes. We also assist travelers with planning their dream journeys.

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