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Faith Travel Conference-Branson, MO

October 16, 2023 - October 19, 2023


Planning your journey means thoughtful consideration of what to wear and what to pack. You can check the current weather in your primary destination city here or click on the link below for annual temperatures

Branson, US
5:00 pm, July 21, 2024
temperature icon 75°F
L: 73° H: 78°
Feels like 76.14 °F overcast clouds
Wind gusts: 3 mph
UV Index: 0
Precipitation: 0 inch
Visibility: 6 mi
Sunrise: 6:10 am
Sunset: 8:27 pm
Humidity 80 %
Pressure1017 mb
Wind 3 mph

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Frequenlty Asked Questions

Planning your journey likely means you have a number of questions. You can access our frequently asked questions here or click the button to ask a question you do not find in our FAQ. If you have a question, please you’re your question just may help others plan their journey.

Consider Your Focus

Faith leaders and pastors are welcome to participate in our faith travel conference from a kind of blank slate or tabula rasa perspective. Perhaps you have never considered the power of faith travel to grow a ministry numerically and spiritually. You may need to think more deeply about the potency of that power and our faith travel conference will present that opportunity as a focus. On the other hand, you may already recognize the power of faith travel. Your focus may shift from whether to embark on a faith travel experience to how to create an effective faith travel experience.

No Homework, But

While the notion of a preparatory “homework” assignment in advance of the conference, especially for an event created to be as fun and relaxed as it is substantive, may seem a bit much, a question to stimulate thinking does seem entirely appropriate. We believe that all effective faith travel experiences should begin with a first step that includes three closely related elements of destination, dates, and purpose. Here is a two part question you may consider prior to the conference: Where do you dream of going and how would that destination benefit the people you are entrusted to serve?

Presenting to Leadership

As in any relationship, how one presents an idea can make all of the difference. How will you present the idea of attending this conference to your leadership? Should the time you spend be taken as vacation or considered part of your continuing education? We have created this conference to be a continuing education experience that promises to benefit faith leaders and the people they serve whether or not the congregation ever embarks upon a faith travel experience. Ideas we will share as part of a robust conversation offers the opportunity for leaders to return to their congregation stronger for the experience.

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